sridevi byrappa biography; Age, Career, Personal Life, and Achievements

Here we are going to talk about the biography of Sridevi Byrappa. Let us tell you that Sridevi Byrappa is a very famous personality in the Kannada entertainment industry, who is known as an actress and model. Let us tell you that her acting career has been very tremendous.

She has gained a lot of attention not just for her achievements but also for her high profile marriage with Yuva Rajkumar, grandson of legendary Kannada actor Rajkumar and the divorce proceedings that followed.

Let us tell you that this article is going to shed light on various aspects of his life through which you will get to see complete information about his early years, family vision, money journey and personal lifestyle.


NameSridevi Byrappa
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1993
Age31 years old (as of 2024)
Birth PlaceBangalore, Karnataka, India
ProfessionActress, Model
Famous ForKannada film industry
Debut FilmPaddehuli (2019)
Notable FilmsMaya Bazaar (2016), 777 Charlie
Marital StatusMarried Yuva Rajkumar (December 2020), filed for divorce (June 2024)
Father’s NamePaduvarhalli Byrappa
Mother’s NameInformation not publicly available
Educational QualificationMBA from Manipal Institute of Management, further studies at Harvard University
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram and Twitter
Notable AchievementsBlending modern and traditional music in Kannada cinema
Known ForHigh-profile marriage and subsequent divorce proceedings
Recent DevelopmentsDivorce proceedings with Yuva Rajkumar (June 2024)

Sridevi Byrappa’s name is Sridevi Byrappa. She was born on 8 March 1993 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Her name is very famous in the Canadian film industry. She started her career as a model and actress.

Before coming into the industry, she participated in many photoshoots and brand endorsements, however, she made her debut in the film Paddehuli directed by Gurudev Pandey in 2019. For now, she has been seen in many films since then, including Maya Bazaar, which was released in 2016.

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And then after that, India’s acting was seen in many films including 777 Charlie, which people liked very much. Many people liked her acting very much, which has created a fan following database for her. From her Instagram to other social media, she has millions of followers.

sridevi byrappa age

Sridevi Byrappa will be 30 years old by 2023 and will be 31 years old in 2024. Her youthful energy is still visible and her passion for her talent contributes to making her more popular in the Kannada film industry.

Sridevi Byrappa’s father

However, according to the report here, it is seen that very little information has been provided about Sridevi Byrappa’s father on the Internet and everywhere else, however, the only information available about her father is that her father’s name is Paduvarhalli Byrappa and he has worked as a supportive person in her life, especially during the initiation of her education and career, he has helped Nikhil a lot in his career and change, whether it is his education or financial assistance regarding his career and other mental assistance, the family members have given excellent support.

sridevi byrappa’s husband

Sridevi Byrappa was married to a very well-known face of the Kannada film industry, Yuva Rajkumar, grandson of the legendary Rajkumar. They got married in December 2020 and in the presence of their close friends, both of them got married to each other due to their personal chamars.

But unfortunately here it is seen that their marriage had to face some challenges due to which the couple has filed for divorce in June 2024 itself. This marriage is going to break very soon, due to which it is seen trending on many news portals.

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Date of Birth of Sridevi Byrappa

Talking about the birth date of Sridevi Byrappa, here we have found through some reports that Sridevi Byrappa was born on 8 March 1993 and this date marks the beginning of a journey that brought her even more fame in Kannada film entertainment. Let us tell you that her birthday is celebrated on 8 March.

Sridevi Byrappa’s parents

Yes, if we talk about Sridevi Byrappa’s parents, then apart from their names, no detailed information has been provided here. Her mother’s identity has been kept completely private. Very little information is available about her early family life. It is clear that during her career, her family has been a pillar of great support, due to which she has been able to progress so much in her career.

Who is Sridevi Byrappa?

Sridevi Byrappa is a versatile actress and model who has made a significant contribution to the Kannada film industry. Her acting career is seen in the Kannada film industry. She is also well known for her role in her films and her dynamic presence on social media.

Let us tell you that she keeps sharing glimpses of her personal life and money on her Instagram or these social media profiles. She is also known for her educational achievements. She has completed her MBA from Manipal Institute of Management and is still completing her further studies at Harvard University. She is also very well known due to her educational qualifications.

Sridevi Byrappa and Harvard

Nikhil is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Harvard University. This higher education is a reflection of her passion for personal growth and academic progress, which adds a great dimension to her personality and will also impact her career.

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Sridevi Byrappa’s father’s profession

There is no specific information available about the business life of Sridevi Byrappa’s father Paduvarhalli Byrappa and this thing has been kept completely private but it is quite clear that Sridevi’s father has played a very important role in her career, studies and other things to fulfill her educational and professional aspirations.

Personal and business travel

Sridevi Byrappa’s career and journey started with modeling but she got everyone’s attention for her attractive looks and photo daily appearance but now we can see that she is seen changing her acting skills, she made her debut with the film Padhedhuli in 2019

And her acting has received a very good response, where people have given excellent reports, which is a big sign of her growing reputation in the Canadian film industry. However, in 2016, she did a great acting in the film Maya Bazaar and after that, her excellent acting is also seen in the film “777 Charlie”. Films such as these have established her as a talented actress and she has become very famous.

Social media presence

Sridevi Byrappa is always active on her social media platforms where she can be seen actively on social media like Instagram and Twitter where she interacts with fans and shares updates about her life. Her presence has helped her connect with a wider audience and has had a huge impact on her popularity.

recent developments

The most recent incident that is seen in the life of Sridevi Byrappa is very much noteworthy and the events that are going on with the young prince are very much in trend regarding their divorce proceedings, let us tell you that in June 2024, they have filed for divorce in the court.

And the demand for divorce has attracted a lot of media attention. Despite these personal challenges, Nikki continues to focus on her career and education and seems to be demonstrating resilience and great resolve. Although it is not known when the divorce will be completed, the divorce petition has been filed.


Sridevi Byrappa’s journey is a testament to her immense versatility and the strength she possesses, right from her beginnings in Bangalore to her rise to fame in the Kannada film industry, her hard work and commitment are evident.

Let us tell you that apart from her acting and modeling, she is also very famous educationally. Let us tell you that her development keeps on progressing gradually. Currently, she is studying to get a degree from Harvard University.

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