Who is Sheena Melwani biography; Age, Husband, Career, and Songs

Sheena Melwani is a very famous musician, singer and song writer. She is also a type of social media personality. There are many rumors about her and her songs are always seen in Google trends.

Let us tell you that many people want to get a lot of information about her, who also want to get information related to her biography, Wikipedia and husband, so we are going to provide you complete information about her here, the information is given below.

Who is Sheena Melwani

Sheena Melwani is a musician, singer, songwriter and a social media influencer on YouTube. Her fame is seen a lot through social media. Along with this, her songs and singing have attracted people towards her due to her talent.

It is especially seen that she was born in Canada on 1 September 1983 and she married an Indian, however, it is seen that the pair of both is very good, recently she has come into a lot of discussions where she is trending due to singing a very impressive national anthem.

biography/ wikipedia

NameSheena Melwani
Birth DateSeptember 1, 1983
Birth PlaceMontreal, Québec, Canada
Current ResidenceBoston, Massachusetts, USA
ProfessionMusician, Singer, Songwriter, Social Media Influencer
Age39 years (as of 2023)
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameDinesh Melwani
Husband’s Age42 years
Husband’s ProfessionTransaction Attorney
ChildrenOne child (name not available)
Height165 cm
Weight55 kg
Hair ColorMedium Brown
Eye ColorDark
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Notable Songs“Better”, “Modern Irony”, “Find Your Happy”, “Sacred Space”, “Crazy Place”
AlbumFind Your Happy (2022)
Husband’s Net Worth$4 million
ParentsNames not available
EducationDetails not available

Talking about the biography of Sheena Melwani, she is a kind of musician, singer and songwriter, she also has a channel on YouTube and is very famous as a social media personality. People also like her singing very much and she belongs to Canada, her nickname is Sheena, she was born on 1 September 1983 and she has just completed 39 years, let us tell you that her birthplace is Montreal, Québec, Canada.

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And her romantic intention is Heterosexual. Apart from this, if we see, her religion belief is Hinduism and she is currently living in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and her current nationality is Canada. Talking about her marital status, she is married to Dinesh Malvani.

And her husband’s name is Dinesh Malvani. If we talk about her other body details, her weight is 55 kg and her height is 165 cm. Her hair color is medium brown.

And the color of the eyes is dark. The name of his parents is not available on the internet and neither the name of his son and daughter is available to be seen on the internet. This thing has been analyzed. If we talk about his profession, then his professional song writing, singing and social media influencing and all his things can be seen.

sheena melwani age

Sheena Melwani has completed 39 years of age. She was born on 1 September 1983 and thus according to the last few years, her age is seen to be around 39 years. Let us tell you that she is a resident of Canada and she got married to an Indian man, who is one of the most popular musicians and singers.

sheena melwani husband

Sheena Melwani’s father’s name is Dinesh Melwani who has Indian nationality and his profession is Transaction Attorney, although he is already married and has completed graduation from the university.

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Although there is no specific information about his parents, it is known that he has a child and his net worth is around 4 million dollars. His wife’s name is Sheena Melwani who is a very famous singer and writer.

sheena melwani husband age

Sheena Melwani’s husband is said to be 42 years old. His name is Dinesh Melwani. He was born on 30 June 1978. He was born in India. He is an International Indian and no specific information about his hometown has been made publicly available on the internet.

And there is no special information about his parents. His weight is around 65 kg and he is 42 years old and his wife’s age is 39 years.

sheena melwani husband face

The name of Sheena Melwani’s husband is Dinesh Melwani, whose face can be seen in the photo above. Let me tell you that his color is somewhere very light Indian color, like people of Indian color.

She is slightly dark in complexion and her face cut is also completely Indian. Both of them got married and as per the report, both of them have a child.

dinesh melwani net worth

Sheena Melwani’s total assets are around 4 million dollars, whose profession is transaction attorney work, however, he has worked very hard in his field to build his school assets, due to which today he is the husband of a famous Canadian celebrity, he is an Indian and his wife also holds Canadian nationality.


Sheena Melwani has worked very hard for her career, which is mainly seen in her career as a singer and song writer and along with that she is a social media influencer and many other talents are also seen in her, her talent as a singing artist is very good.

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In this, you get to see his best things, let us tell you that recently he got to see a bit of headlines because he sang a national anthem and it became very viral, below you will find a list of some of his songs, which you can see along with his Find Your Happy album, all these songs were released in 2022 itself.

BetterFind Your Happy2022
Modern IronyFind Your Happy2022
Find Your HappyFind Your Happy2022
Sacred SpaceFind Your Happy2022
Crazy PlaceFind Your Happy2022

You can see the names of the songs here and to listen to them, you can use Shopify or any other music application or YouTube music from where you can listen to all these songs easily.

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sridevi byrappa biography; Age, Career, Personal Life, and Achievements

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