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We are going to talk about Sanju Rathod who is a very prominent personality in the Marathi music industry. He is known for his great talent as a singer and musician.

Let us tell you that the credit for his fame goes to his blend of modern and traditional music where he presents a variety of songs and displays the artistry at the same time which appeals to a wide audience across India.

Let us tell you that all his recent songs went viral, out of which he has established himself as a household name in Marathi pop singers with many hit songs like Gulabi Sari and “Kaimcha Single”. Let us tell you that here we are going to talk about his biography in detail, who is he and where does he live and we will know a lot more about him.


Full NameSanju Rathod
Date of BirthNovember 24, 1998
Age (as of 2024)26 years old
BirthplaceDhanbad Village, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Current ResidenceJalgaon, Maharashtra
ProfessionSinger, Musician, Lyricist, Composer
GenresMarathi Pop, Modern and Traditional Music
Popular Songs“Gulabi Sari”, “Kaimcha Single”, “Nauwari”, “Bullet Wali”
Career StartEarly age, professionally recognized with viral hits
Relationship StatusUnmarried, no confirmed information about current relationship
CrushPublicly expressed a crush on Marathi actress Mithila Palkar
Ex-GirlfriendNo publicly available information
VillageDhanbad Village, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Cultural InfluenceStrong influence from the rich cultural heritage of his village
Other InterestsKabaddi player, participated in the Yuva Kabaddi series
Social Media PresenceInstagram, YouTube
Instagram Handlesanjurathod07
YouTube ChannelActive, publishes popular music videos
Additional AchievementsVersatility as a lyricist and composer, known for blending modern and traditional music
Public ReceptionPositive, appreciated for blending modern and traditional music styles
Inspirational ImpactRole model for young musicians, known for his talent and dedication

Sanju Rathod was born on 24 November 1998 in Dhanbad village, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. His early life in this culturally rich region greatly influenced his music and singing style, which often reflects the traditions and people of Maharashtra. Sanju Rathod’s journey in the music industry began at a very young age and he performed very well with his vocal and singing talent, due to which he soon became a famous figure in Marathi pop music.

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birth place

Sanju Rathod was born in Dhanbad village of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. He is a resident of the same village. This village is very well known for its cultural heritage, in which Sanju Rathod’s musical style and his self-craft and artistic sensibility have played a very important role through this village. A huge contribution can be seen in his career.


However, according to the report here, it can be seen that Sanju Rathod’s age will be 26 years by 2024. According to the Filmy Beat report, he was born on 24 November 1998. In this way, when 2024 is completed, his age will be 26 years. At such a young age, he has gathered a lot of fans and has also achieved huge success in the music industry.


According to the report, it has been seen that Sanju Rathod has not yet married, he is married and there is still no information available about his marital status or any plans of marriage in the near future, although this thing has never been publicly disclosed by him.


If we look at the history of Sanju Rathod, he is known as a very popular musician in the music industry. His song Gulabi Sari became very viral and became a huge hit on the internet.

Which brought him into limelight and at this time he has been featured by many news portals. Let us tell you that Nikal has not only performed as a singer but has also contributed a lot to the industry as a lyricist and composer. His versatility as a composer makes a great impression on the people and is successful in attracting people towards him.

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girlfriend’s name

According to the recent information, Sanju Rathod does not have any girlfriend, although he has publicly expressed his crush on Marathi actress Mithila Palkar which is creating a lot of interest among his fans, but he has not clearly stated whether he is dating her or she is his personal girlfriend, although this matter is still kept private.

Name of village

If we look at the name of Sanju Rathod’s village, then Sanju Rathod’s ancestral village is Jalgaon Dhanbad in Maharashtra. He was born there and his residence is also seen here. The culture of this village has contributed a lot to the development of his music and also inspires his work a lot.

ex girlfriend

If we look at Sanju Rathod’s first girlfriend, then till now no information has been found that he has a girlfriend. For now, Rathod has kept his personal life very private and he has never been seen in the limelight regarding his girlfriend and other things, nor is there any special discussion about them, although it is seen here that everyone’s focus is more on his music career, his money and achievements.

Additional information

If we talk about Sanju Rathod’s career, then let us tell you that Sanju Rathod’s career is not limited to just being a singing artist, but he is also very well known for his participation in the game of Kabaddi. He has also been seen in the Yuva Kabaddi series where his performance as a right reader was seen which was liked by many people.

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This aspect of his career seems to highlight his varied interests and talents before music. Sanju Rathod also has a YouTube channel, which is a very important platform for him. He publishes his music videos on his YouTube channel, which are very popular. They can be seen here.

That he has a huge number of subscribers and followers on his Instagram and other social media channels including his YouTube channel. Many of his popular songs are also available on his YouTube channel, which include many songs like “Nauwari” and “Bullet Wali” which have attracted his attention on YouTube and his music has gone viral in the digital field.


Sanju Rathod’s journey in the Marathi music industry is a testament to the immense talent and hard work she put in. From her roots in Dhanbad to becoming a renowned pop artist, her story is an inspiration for many young musicians. Her talent and relentless practice have made her extremely popular.

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