pavithra gowda first husband name and photo; Divorce, Murder Case, and Alleged Connections with Darshan and Vijayalakshmi”

Pavitra Gawda is currently seen in a lot of discussions as she had already divorced her husband and many people are saying things about her first husband, although it is seen that many different types of information are coming out here.

Although the first marriage that happened was not a marriage but a love marriage and a girl was also born from their love marriage. Today, the age of their daughter is more than 20 to 25 years.

Let us tell you that Pavitra Gaud is currently facing trial in a murder case and her controversies with actress Vijayalakshmi and actor Darshan are also seen especially.

pavithra gowda first husband name and photo

The name of Pavitra Gowda’s first husband is Sanjay Singh, who had a love marriage with Pavitra Gowda, although when Pavitra Gowda was not even 18 years old, then both of them got married and then it is seen that they also have a child, although here Sanjay Singh is looking a bit dark and somewhere a lot more Pavitra Gowda is seen in trends at this time.

Pavitra Gowda’s connection with Renuka Swamy murder case

At this time, Pavitra Gowda is trapped in a murder case, which can be seen that this has increased her problem even more. Kannada actor Darshan is also trapped with her, so the relationship of both of them is also seen somewhere, while Darshan’s wife is Vijay Lakshmi and Vijayalakshmi also suspects that somewhere Darshan’s relationship is seen with Pavitra Gowda, while Pavitra Gowda has already been divorced, so this doubt is going to be confirmed even more.

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Talking about his murder case, police sources said that the deceased had posted a lot of objectionable comments on Ms. Gowda’s social media account, in which she was also accused of creating a rift between Mr. Thugudeepa and his wife.

That he had used abusive language and harassed them due to which they are linked with the murder case very much. What will happen next, all these people have reached the clutches of law. For now, two to three people are seen in the murder case.

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