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Pavithra Gowda biography; Career, Personal Life, and Recent Controversies

The biography of Pavithra Gowda has become a favorite of a lot of people at this time because many people do not want to know about him because here it is seen that recently there is a lot of discussion about him due to a murder case with Darshan Thoogudeepa.

Because here we get to see that Darshan is a Kannada actor and his relationship is seen with some Pavitra, due to which we get to see

That Pavitra Gowda is currently in a lot of trouble with the law and it is also seen that the actor’s wife Vijay Lakshmi is also trying to hate her husband Darshan somewhere, which means that here it is completely in trend where everyone wants to get information about them.


Pavitra Gowda is a type of actress, model, fashion designer and entrepreneur where she has also worked in acting career and her great contribution is seen in many other things, if we look at her birthday, she was born on 1 January 1970 and she has completed 54 years of age now.

Let us tell you that he was born in Talaghattapur and his nationality is Indian, whereas if we talk about his personal life, then he is a Hindu and his age is between 18 to 25 years.

She is seen interested in photography and traveling which is very much in trend these days and due to a murder case, she is seen in a relationship with Kannada actor Darshan and both of them are in the clutches of law.

Personal Life

If we talk about his personal life, then his professional work is seen in many works including advertising and modeling, branding and advertising, while it is being told through the report that he was born on 1 January 1970, where he was born in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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Especially here it is seen that his hobby is photography and traveling and his Zodiac sign is Aquarius, so nothing special is seen about his personal life.

Although here we don’t get to see anything special about her marriage and other things. She was married earlier but now her wedding has taken place and her boyfriend and affair is seen with Darshan Thoogudeepa.

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pavithra gowda age

Pavithra Gowda is further reported to be 54 years old where he was born on 1st January 1970, however he has a daughter and he has also taken divorce from his husband. It is seen that at present he has a boyfriend and his affair is seen with Kannada actor Darshan.

Pavithra Gowda first husband

Recently, reports show that the name of Pavitra Gowda’s husband was Sanjay Singh. Pavitra Gowda had married Sanjay Singhania in a love marriage at the age of less than 18 years. However, it is seen that Sanjay Singhania used to run a grocery store at that time and at present, no special information is available about him. It is confirmed that actress Pavitra Gowda got divorced from Sanjay Singhania.

pavithra gowda daughter name and age

Pavitra Gowda had a love marriage with Sanjay Singh at the young age of 18 years, where it is seen that he used to run a grocery shop and here according to Pavitra Gowda, Khushi Gowda is her daughter, whose further details she has not disclosed, but her age is around 25 to 30 years, although she also shared some pictures with her daughter on Instagram, this daughter was born to her first love marriage with her husband.

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pavithra gowda instagram

Pavitra Gowda has 138000 followers on Instagram and he has also followed 1206 people. It is seen here that till now he has posted 133 votes on his Instagram and the ID of his Instagram is created in the name of pavithragowda777_official.

pavithra gowda movies

Movie TitleYear
Chatrigalu Saar Chatrigalu2013
Preeti Kitabu2016
They are silent2016

Pavitra Gowda’s first film was Chatrigalu Saar Chatrigalu in 2013 and after that in 2016, he worked in 3 films continuously, out of which the names of the films are 54321, Preeti Kitaabu, Agamya, the names of all these films are available to see, let me tell you that the film is very good

Which you can definitely enjoy once, especially here you get to see that at this time she is stuck in a very big controversy, on the other hand there is a murder case and on one side it is seen that the controversy of an actor’s relationship has also come in front of her, due to which people are trolling her a lot.

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