Love Li Kannada Movie budget & hit or flop; Kannada Action Romantic Film Release on June 14, 2024 – Cast

Love Li movie is being released in Indian cinema on 14 June 2024. The film is very good which is a low budget film. The film has been directed by the director of the movie Chethan Keshav and this film is an action and romantic film which will be released in Kannada language.

Let us tell you that this film will be available to watch only in those areas where people watch films in Kannada language and this film is available to watch only in one language. In the main star cast of the film, you will also get to see excellent acting by Vasishta Simha Stefy Patel.

If we talk about cinema photography, then here it has been given by Ashwin Kennedy that the first day box office collection of the film will be available to see from tomorrow where the film is going to earn almost 0.20 crores at the box office on the very first day


The budget of Love Li movie is about 5 crore rupees which is quite low budget for Kannada language movies. More than 1 crore rupees have been spent on the star cast of the movie.

And the total budget of the film is Rs 5 crore, including the advertisement production house expenses and government tax of Rs 3 to 4 crore. The budget of the film is not very expensive and according to this, the box office collection of the film is not going to be anything special here.

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hit or flop

To be a hit, Love Li movie needs to make a box office collection of about 5 to 6 crores in the theaters. It is expected that this film will prove to be a hit in the theaters. Let me tell you that the film is very good and you will get to watch this film mainly in the theaters.

If its box office collection is seen to be excellent in the cinema halls, then based on this, the earnings of the film will also be seen accordingly. If the film earns more than its budget, then the film will prove to be a hit and if it earns double, then the film will prove to be a superhit.


This is a kind of action romantic film, so if you like to watch action and romantic films, then this is going to be a very good film for you. Let me tell you that if you want a Kannada film, then you can watch it. Vasishta Simha and Stefy Patel have done a great job in the main star cast of the film.

And to book the ticket of this movie, you can easily book the ticket by visiting and enjoy the movie. Let us tell you that no specific information has been received yet about the movie’s opening platform and its release date.

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