Mr And Mrs Mahi Star Cast Salary; Rajkumar Rao’s fees for this film?

Rajkumar Rao’s upcoming movie Mr And Mrs Mahi Star will be released in theaters on 31 May 2024, which is a film based on cricket, although some people here believe that this film is based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but this is not the case at all, this film is based on a different type of story.

But the film has been made completely based on cricket professional and how a cricketer became successful. Mainly 40 crore rupees have been invested in the budget of the film, out of which who has received how much salary of the star cast of the film, here you get to see complete information.

Mr And Mrs Mahi Star Cast Salary

ActorRoleSalary (in INR)
Rajkummar RaoMahendra6 crore
Janhvi KapoorMahima5 crore
Rajesh SharmaNotable Role40 lakhs
Kumud MishraNotable Role30 lakhs
Abhishek BanerjeeProminent Role35 lakhs

Rajkumar Rao, who played the lead role in Mr And Mrs Mahi Star movie, received 6 crores for this film. He played the role of Mahendra in the film, while Janhvi Kapoor received 5 crores, who will be seen acting in the female character Mahima in this film. Rajesh Sharma received 40 lakhs for acting in this film.

And Kumud Mishra has been given a salary of 30 lakh rupees in this film, while Abhishek Banerjee has been given a salary of 35 lakh rupees. This is a very good film and if we look at the total budget of this film, which has been spent on the star cast, then a total of about 11 to 15 crore rupees have been spent on the star cast.

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Mr And Mrs Mahi movie budget

Mr And Mrs Mahi Star movie has been made with a budget of Rs 40 crores where the film has been produced and money has been invested by the film’s producers Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta. Let us tell you that Rajkumar Rao has received only Rs 6 crores for working in this film.

And this film is a Hindi language film which is available for the middle class to watch. Only time will tell how much the film will earn at the box office with a budget of 40 crores because the recent season of IPL is going on, due to which this cricket film is being released by them.

Due to which a great collection can be expected in the beginning. Out of the film’s Rs 40 crore budget, about Rs 11 to 15 crore has been spent on the star cast and staff, while the remaining Rs 20 to 25 crore has been spent on the film’s production house budget and advertising and printing.

will this movie be a hit in theaters

Well, if we look at the cover of the film, then this film can prove to be a hit somewhere because at this time the IPL season is going on, due to which all the cricket fans will be fully active in IPL, so here they will get a different kind of excitement to watch the film in which they get to see the story of a cricketer.

In the film, along with a great love drama, we get to see a failure and how that failure becomes a success in cricket, due to which this film has the best chance of becoming a hit in the cinema halls.

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