is mr and mrs mahi real story; mr and mrs mahi is based on true story

Ever since the announcement of Mr and Mrs Mahi movie, many people feel that this film is based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but let us tell you that this is not completely true, there are many reasons behind this, although the name used in the title of the film is Mahi.

Due to the title of the film, many people think that this film has been made based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni because this film also shows the character of a professional creator, due to which the film based on cricket attracts people towards it.

is mr and mrs mahi real story

Mr and Mrs Mahi movie is not based on a real story, rather this film has been prepared with some inspiration from the cricketer, although many people here believe that the film has been prepared based on the real story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but Janhvi Kapoor has said this in clear words while talking to Hungama Media.

This film is not based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but this film is based on a cricketer who becomes a professional cricketer, however, he gave us permission to use Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name in the film, which is a good fortune for us.

mr and mrs mahi is based on true story

Mr and Mrs Mahi movie is not based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Janhvi Kapoor has clearly said this, it is available to watch there only, it has also been told in a report of Times of India that Janhvi Kapoor while talking to the press said that it does not have the real story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni but some press conference was organised about him.

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Inspiration can be seen from some of them, however the story that is going to be seen here will be a little different in which the name of the female character is Mahima and the name of the male character is Mahendra, although the names of both of them have been taken in this film and to do a different type of advertisement of this film, such names can be seen mainly.

mr and mrs mahi movie story

In the story line of Mr and Mrs Mahi movie, we can see that in this movie, there is a boy named Mahendra who has completely failed in the world of cricket and on the other side, there is a woman who is a doctor. Due to some reason, both of them get into an arranged marriage where due to the nickname of both of them being Mahi, they become Mr. and Mrs. Mahi.

It is there that we get to see that they soon discover their common love and passion for cricket. Eventually, we get to see that Mahendra’s wife also sees the cricketing talent in her husband and shows her love for him and then encourages him to fulfill his dream of becoming a cricketer.

And to provide him training, we start his journey again, how he becomes a cricketer, all the information is available to you here

mr and mrs mahi movie details

The name of the film is Mr and Mrs Mahi which will be released in theaters on 31 May, 2024. This is a type of drama romantic spot film whose language is mainly Hindi language. The running time of the film is 2 hours and the writing of this film is

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It is available to watch universally. Apart from this, Rajkumar Rao will be seen acting as Mahendra in the main star cast of the film and Jaan will also be seen acting as Mahima. Apart from this, Kumud Mishra has also done excellent acting in this film. The film has been directed by the director Sharan Sharma.

And the film has been produced by Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta. Let me tell you that the film is very good and excellent, which you can definitely watch once. If you are a cricket lover then this film will prove to be good for you.

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