kalki 2898 ad part 2; Release Confirmed with Epic Mythological Story Continuation

Many people were eagerly waiting for the Kalki 2898 ad film, which is a film based on a mythological epic, the story line that is found in this film is very amazing.

However, this film was made by using a combination of mythological epic and modern times, due to which this film has been successful in attracting the people towards it. Let us tell you that whenever this film releases,

In the cinema hall, the official announcement of the second part is also made at the end that the second part will also continue, in this way when will the second part be released and what Prabhas has said about the second part in the interview, all the information will be available for you to see here

Kalki 2898 AD Part 2 Confirmed

Kalki 2898 ad part 2 has been confirmed because when the Kalki 2898 ad film is about to end in the last, the film ends with ‘to be continued’ which clearly officially indicates that the second part will also be released because

The story that is seen in the first part is ended with a very unexpected twist, due to which many people are eagerly waiting for the second part, although the film director Nag Ashwin has also given confirmation about the second part, where he has clearly stated that it is necessary to bring the second part.

Because the story of this film is quite big and the first part has been ended on a very unexpected note, due to which people are excited to see the second part, but somewhere it may take a lot of time for the second part to be released.

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Kalki 2898 ad part 2 release date

According to the report, it is seen that Kalki 2898 ad part 2 will be released in the cinema house around 2027 because the first part is available to watch in 2024 which has been successful in attracting the attention of the people.

This is a high budget film and film maker Prabhas has also indicated that it will take at least 3 years to make the film, that is, if you want to see its second part, then you will be able to see the second part by around 2027 because there can be a lot of time spent in it.

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