Ishq Jabariya Cast, Plot, and Timing on Sun Neo TV

Ishq Jabariya is going to be a very good TV show in Bihari tone which is very famous. Let us tell you that here its main star cast is also trying very hard to learn the Bihari tone. For now, you can watch it from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm.

Whose name is Ishq Jabariya, many people were very eager to see it, finally it is premiered on Sun Neo TV channel, many people have played excellent roles in the lead role, information about which is given to you below

Ishq Jabariya Cast

  • kamya panjabi
  • Siddhi Sharma
  • lakshya khurana

You will see the main star cast of Ishq Jabariya serial acting, whose name is Siddhi Sharma, who is also forced to learn Bihari tone for this film and she is making a lot of effort to learn it by leaving her comfort zone, while on the other hand, Lakshya Khurana will also give excellent acting in this film or in this series and Kamya Panjabi has played an excellent role in it.

Ishq Jabariya time

This serial is premiered on Sun Neo TV channel which is available to watch every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm in Assam, however if you want to watch it for free, then you can enjoy it through TV channel in which you will not have to pay any fee, apart from this you can also watch it on OTT platform.

Ishq Jabariya Plot

Ishq Jabariya serial is a heart touching romantic drama serial which is being run focusing on the studies of a girl Gulki who is an enthusiastic girl who dreams of becoming an air hostess.

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And despite facing incidents like the hand gestures of her harsh stepmother, Gulki remains firm in her optimism. She does not lose hope at all. She keeps trying her best to fulfill her dreams. In this, many more unexpected twists are also seen.

Due to which the whole thing becomes full of surprises and here it also inspires one to search for love and many other things have been added which somewhere works to distract her from her goal, however whether she will be able to become an air hostess or not, you will get to know this thing later.

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