garudan movie OTT Release Date and Platform Details Inside

Garudan Movie is a Tamil language film which was released in theaters on May 31, 2024 and how are the people still enjoying this film in the theaters. Let us tell you that this film was released recently, due to which many people want to watch it on OTT platform as well,

but the most important thing is that no announcement has been made regarding the OTT platform yet and neither will it be made because as long as the film is running in the theater, if its release on the OTT platform is announced, then in such a situation, there is a decline in the box office collection. Accordingly, when the film earns on the box office collection, then the OTT platform is announced by the film creator.

ott release date

Garudan movie is released on the OTT platform by the June 28, 2024 while it is seen that the film has been released in the theaters recently and it takes about 4 to 6 weeks from the date of release of the film in the theater to release on the OTT platform, due to which it is being estimated here through many portals that it may take time till june 28 for the film to be released on the OTT platform.

garudan movie OTT platform

Garden movie can be released on OTT platform aha video because it is a very low budget film and on this OTT platform you get to watch many South films or the platform is mainly designed to upload Tamil films and South films, so in most cases you will get to watch it here, if you like to watch Tamil Telugu Malayalam or Kannada films, then you must have subscribed to it, here you get to watch only after subscribing, where mainly Tamil films are made available

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digital rights

No information has been released about the digital rights of the film, as to which platform has sold the digital rights, although it may be announced later, but at the moment no official statement is available to see. The film is running in the theaters, after the film runs in the theaters, when it ends, then there will be many other thing

movie storyline or plot

The story line of the Garudan movie is that two best friends live in southern Tamil Nadu and then the friendship between the friends is so deep that there is a lot of trust on each other and there is a third man who is very loyal to them, then in the end we get to see that there is a betrayal of trust and many other types of projects are seen, due to which a lot of suspense is created in the film, which makes people wonder what will happen next in the film, due to which people are excited to watch the film.

Set somewhere near Theni in southern Tamil Nadu, Garudan is about two best friends, Karunakaran (Unni Mukundan) and Aditya (Sasikumar), who become friends due to a shared trauma and take care of each other as they hold powerful authority over the town’s temple and surrounding events. Between them is Sokkan (Soori), a staunch Karuna loyalist who doesn’t let anyone look at Karuna, even if it’s the good-hearted Aditya. One of the friends shifts gears, leading to a tale of betrayal, rage and, needless to say, more action.

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