Maidaan Advance Booking open; 16047 tickets sold as soon as booking started for opening day

Maidan film is set to be released in Indian theaters on 10 April 2024, where advance booking of the film has been opened two days in advance, and people have started booking the movie mainly in Hindi language. have started for

Where as soon as the advance booking was done for the opening day, 16047 tickets of the film were sold within a day and a growth of Rs 36.93 Lac can be seen which has been booked for 2D IMS format, although here right now The film will be released on 4517 shows which are available to watch.

Maidaan 1st Day Advance Booking Gross

Maidaan 1st Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATPShows
HindiIMAX 2D19330248243326
All India3692785 [36.93 Lac]160474517

Note: With Block Seats: 12018418 [1.2 Cr]

If we look at the advance booking of the first day, we can see very good bookings from all over Andhra Pradesh, whereas on the first day, a gross of 36.93 Lac has been made in the National Capital Region (NCR) for Hindi. If we look at the block set, [1.2 cr block seats have been booked.

Maidaan State Wise 1st Day Advance Booking Reports [All Version]

StateGross [With Block Seats]
Andhra Pradesh1.5 K [55.08 K]
Assam3.62 K [3.62 K]
Bihar20.12 K [52.92 K]
Chhattisgarh1.69 Lac [4.52 Lac]
Goa1.86 K [1.86 K]
Gujarat2.74 Lac [19.11 Lac]
Haryana3.82 K [95.97 K]
Himachal Pradesh360 [51.16 K]
Jharkhand1.19 Lac [1.67 Lac]
Karnataka1.9 Lac [13.47 Lac]
Kerala580 [31.4 K]
Madhya Pradesh77.68 K [9.07 Lac]
Maharashtra11.73 Lac [23.66 Lac]
Odisha57.59 K [82.86 K]
Punjab38.15 K [1.05 Lac]
Rajasthan94.33 K [4.19 Lac]
Tamil Nadu35.75 K [3.1 Lac]
Telangana64.06 K [8.79 Lac]
Tripura27.8 K [77.15 K]
Uttar Pradesh59.9 K [3.88 Lac]
Uttarakhand6.13 K [47.44 K]
West Bengal5.14 Lac [7.32 Lac]
Delhi7.56 Lac [15.06 Lac]
Jammu and Kashmir4.25 K [30.78 K]

Maidaan (Hindi) (2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]
National Capital Region (NCR)7.43 Lac [14.94 Lac]
Mumbai4.12 Lac [8.6 Lac]
Pune4.36 Lac [6.75 Lac]
Bengaluru91.17 K [12.17 Lac]
Hyderabad62.26 K [7.23 Lac]
Kolkata1.42 Lac [2.4 Lac]
Ahmedabad32.77 K [1.94 Lac]
Chennai8.2 K [1.7 Lac]
Surat80.7 K [2.78 Lac]
Jaipur89.45 K [1.94 Lac]
Chandigarh29.89 K [46.03 K]
Bhopal2.06 K [1.85 Lac]
Lucknow13.35 K [13.51 K]
Coimbatore672 [30.4 K]
Dindigul24 K [24 K]
Kochi380 [9.5 K]
Trichy1.35 K [7.95 K]
Trivandrum200 [1.96 K]
Vijayawada354 [25.53 K]
Vizag-Visakhapatnam1.14 K [4.68 K]
Amritsar700 [700 ]
Aurangabad3.4 K [3.4 K]
Bhavnagar19.69 K [19.69 K]
Bhubaneswar20.46 K [34.77 K]
Dehradun5.73 K [30.48 K]
Durgapur3.22 Lac [3.54 Lac]
Guwahati3.62 K [3.62 K]
Gwalior2.42 K [1.05 Lac]
Indore24.02 K [47.01 K]
Jalandhar780 [780 ]
Jamnagar45.53 K [90.75 K]
Kanpur7.49 K [75.77 K]
Karimnagar1.8 K [11.67 K]
Kolhapur2.79 K [7.73 K]
Kota2.03 K [2.47 K]
Ludhiana4.3 K [8.62 K]
Nagpur36.66 K [3.38 Lac]
Nashik12.14 K [48.42 K]
Patiala1.49 K [36.22 K]
Patna19.2 K [34.2 K]
Raipur8.34 K [74.46 K]
Rajkot1.68 K [52.27 K]
Ranchi1.14 Lac [1.62 Lac]
Siliguri560 [32.16 K]
Vadodara7.11 K [8.09 K]

Maidaan (Hindi) (IMAX 2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Real OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai56.6 K [77.1 K]3%1000
Pune14.94 K [15.39 K]2%400
Bengaluru98.98 K [98.98 K]16%611
Kolkata21.25 K [22.95 K]9%200
Coimbatore1.53 K [46.73 K]0%200

Maidaan (Hindi) (ICE) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]
National Capital Region (NCR)12.13 K [12.13 K]
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Maidan film has been prepared by combining it with an excellent story and the film has been released in different states of India and is also available to watch in different cities due to which it is on high demand. Looks like it will tell you about some of Ajay Devgan’s last films which have proved to be blockbusters.

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Due to which Ajay Devgan’s films are also being launched in India in a big way. This time such a film is directly competing with the film Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan, where we get to see Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar will be seen acting and this film will also be released on 10 April 2024 and its advance booking has also been started.

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