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saloni khanna ias biography; Age, Career, and Personal Life – Influencer, Professor, and IAS Interviewer

Saloni Khanna is one of the most famous teacher interviewers and influencers. Let us tell you that many people want to get a lot of information about Saloni Khanna. By the way, you must have seen her somewhere or the other, even if you have seen her taking interviews of IAS candidates.

Or many of her other videos keep going viral on social media, which you must have seen. Today we are going to talk about the complete biography of Saloni Khanna, whether she is married or not, whether she is an IAS or not, all other information is available for you to see here.

saloni khanna ias biography

Talking about Saloni Khanna, he is very famous as an IAS interviewer and entrepreneur and influencer. His council has become most famous during the IAS interview because he works on this post in Drishti Academy.

And after taking the interview of all the UPSC and IAS candidates, the video is recorded and then they share it on their social media, although it is very suspenseful due to which many people keep talking about them.

Those who prepare for the post of Collector and other posts and study in Drishti IAS Academy, they always keep discussing about him. He was born in 1989 and as per 2021, his age is 33 years and as per 2024, he has completed 36 years of age.

He was born in Delhi, India and his nationality is Indian. Let us tell you that he completed his studies through his college university Himalayan Garhwal University and if we talk about his educational qualification

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So he completed his education in Master in Economics. His religion is Hinduism and his caste is Khatri. No information is available about his family for now and his total assets are around two to three crores.

ias saloni khanna husband

There is no information update available about Saloni Khanna’s husband, although she has never provided any update on social media related to her marriage and her husband and no information is available about him on any special internet web portal.

is saloni khanna ias

Saloni Khanna herself is not an IAS but she is an economist and has expertise in economics. Also, in Drishti IAS Academy, she interviews the IAS students to prepare them in advance and after the interview, the video is uploaded online. She has her own YouTube channel and on Instagram and other social media profiles, you can also see her video interviewing students.

Saloni Khanna already qualified

Talking about Saloni Khanna’s educational qualification, she has done post graduation which she has completed from Himalayan Garhwal University. If seen, she has also mastered economics from where she has done matriculation and let us tell you that she is also a teacher of economics who is a full time teacher of economics in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

who is saloni khanna drishti ias

Saloni Khanna is an interviewer in Drishti IAS Academy, who interviews the IAS candidates there and then provides them marks, however, if we talk about Saloni Khanna’s personal life, then her profession is very famous as an influential teaching education entrepreneur and she is one of the most famous teachers of Economics in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

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saloni khanna age

Saloni Khanna’s age is around 36 years because she was born in the year 1989 and her current age is 36 years as per the year 2024.

drishti ias female interviewer name

The name of the Drishti IAS female interviewer is Saloni Khanna who is very famous for being an entrepreneur, professor, influencing and Mock Interviewer in Drishti IAS. Let us tell you that Saloni Khanna, who is very famous, has been appointed to the post of taking interviews in the Drishti IAS Academy.

Let us tell you that here you can see that in this academy only UPSC and IAS preparation is done, due to which Saloni Khanna has become very famous at the present time. After taking the interview, he uploads the video on his social media profile and apart from this, it is also uploaded on other platforms, due to which many people are searching about him.

upsc interviewer lady name

If you are studying in Drishti Academy or you are getting education from there and you want to crack UPSC, then the exam that you have to give here, you have to give the first exam in this academy in which there is an institute of Vikas Divyakirti, inside this you will see a lady lying for interview, her name is Saloni Khanna, the interview is conducted by her there and then you are provided marks according to your interview, which confirms that how you will perform in your sitting and standing manner when you go for the interview, this interview is conducted to test all these things.

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saloni khanna professor

Talking about Saloni Khanna, she is also known as a professor. She is a full-time teacher of Economics at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. She joined there in 2014-2015 and has been handling her teaching work since then. She also works part-time at many places. She also generates a lot of income through her social media handles and her influencing work is done from there.

saloni khanna net worth

Saloni Khanna’s total assets are around 1 to 2 crore rupees. Let us tell you that her social media and her profession have played the biggest role in making her assets because she has worked very hard here to make such a huge total assets.

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