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Noor Malabika Das Death; biography, faimly, age, net worth

There is an explanation for the death of Noor Malvika Das, however, this is not her death but a suicide. This suicide seems to remind us of Bollywood’s Punarvriti Yadav. Let us tell you that Noor Malvika is an actress who was known as a public figure. She has done small roles in many films.

Apart from this, it can be seen that she was not at all satisfied with her achievements, which is what her aunt says and she has not been able to contact her family members at all, although it can be seen that

The Times of India contacted her aunt Aarti Das who told the reason for her suicide that she had gone to Mumbai to fulfill her dream and after that her dream was not fulfilled due to which she took the step towards suicide.

Noor Malabika Das Death

Noor Malvika Das committed suicide by hanging herself from a fan in her Lokhandwala apartment in Mumbai. After the suicide, the neighbours came to know about the body rising slowly due to the foul smell and they contacted the police. After the police came and investigated, when the police tried to contact her family members, some reports said that there was no response from her family members.

Due to which her last rites were performed with the help of Mamdani Health and Education Trust NGO running in Mumbai, although this is a very sensation-creating thing. The reason for her suicide is believed by everyone that she was very satisfied with her career because she was born in Assam.

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And she came to Mumbai to become a big actor and actress and she made a lot of efforts to make a career and whatever achievements she had were very less according to her, due to which she committed suicide, although what is the inside story is not yet known, while some people have written a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and have also demanded an investigation into the reason behind her suicide.


Noor Malvika was born in 1993, who died on 11 June 2024 due to suicide, her age is 31 years and she committed suicide at the age of 31, she came to Mumbai to make her career, while she was born in Assam India or she is a Hindu and her nationality is Indian.

Whose profession is known as actress and model. It is especially seen that no special information is available about her family. Recently, it was revealed by the media that her aunt lives in Assam, whose name is Aarti Das.

Noor Malabika Das family

There is no information available about Noor Malvika Das’s parents and brother, while her sister’s name is Mousami Das Chowdhury and she is not married yet, so she does not have children either. It is especially seen that no specific information was found about her relationship. She has an aunt in her relationship, whose name is said to be Aarti Das.


Noor Malvika was born in 1993, according to this, she has completed 31 years of age. At the age of 31, she has worked in many films, while it is seen that due to her work in films, her career was also getting to see a lot of good things, but her career was not very special, due to which she committed suicide at the age of 21, the date of her death is being told as 11 June 2024.

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net worth

No information is available about Noor Malvika’s net worth at this time, however, if we talk about her net worth, then her net worth can be seen around two to three crore rupees. For now, no information has been provided about her official net worth in any media. She is a model who has done many advertisements and branding along with some career in acting, due to which she had accumulated her net worth with a lot of hard work.

Career & filmography

Noor Malvika’s career started with acting, where initially she has worked in a lot of films and to start her career, she left her village where she lived and came to live in Mumbai and here she worked in the list of web series given below

  • Siscian,
  • Walkaman,
  • Teeka Chatni,
  • Jaghanya Upaya,
  • Charmsukh,
  • Look inside,
  • Backroad Hustle

His best work can be seen in this film, although his best work can also be seen in this film and many web series, in which he got a lot of fame in 18 plus web series, but he could not make a special place for himself in it because his place was only and only on adult content.

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