who is kyna khare, biography, age, parents; Youngest Female Scuba Diver & Underwater Photographer | Age, Achievements, Family Background

Here we are going to talk about a girl who is only 12 years old and the media is not getting tired of praising her because whatever position she has achieved in the whole world to become a diver is very difficult for anyone else to achieve at such a young age.

Let us tell you that these people have also won many awards and who is this 12 year old girl Kayna Khare, everyone wants to know about her at this time. Look, this girl is a very young woman in the world who has become a scuba diver at the age of 12, due to which she is being praised a lot.

Biography of Master Scuba Diver Kayna 

Kyna Khare is only 12 years old and since the age of 10, she has done many courses around the world to become a scuba diver. Due to her interest and hard work, she has achieved a lot of success. She is also praised a lot in the media and the most important thing is that Kyna’s parents were also very fond of diving.

And both of them are praising their daughter a lot for this. It is also being told in the report that Kyna Khare Day first tried to become a diver in Andaman Nicobar sea and when she went inside the water, it was a very interesting thing for her.

And then her mind got into it and then she decided to try and do the course, then she did many courses from all over the world and then within just 2 years she became a scuba diver, if we talk about her, then her profession is

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She is seen as a master scuba driver and her profession as an underwater photographer is also seen. Let us tell you that many types of arts are seen in her, whether it is an underwater photographer or not.

Or if you want to achieve success on open water, all these things are included in him. His birthplace was Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He has completed 12 years and his nationality is Indian.


Kyna Khare has completed 12 years of age and at the age of 10, she started taking training to be a scuba diver. She dived for the first time in 2010 and after that she showed a lot of interest in it. Let us tell you that she is 12 years old and was born in 2012.


Kyna Khare’s mother’s name is Anshuma Khare and her father’s name is unknown, which means it has not been publicly disclosed. It is seen that according to the report, both her mother and father were very fond of diving.

And in childhood itself, he asked his daughter to become a diver, so after that a curiosity developed in her and then she also got excited to do a course in it, where her parents supported Kyna Khare a lot.

kyna khare Achievements

If we talk about the achievement of Kyna Khare, then she has received the title of Youngest Female Scuba Diver at the age of 12, apart from this, her Advanced Open Water Certification has also been completed and she has achieved Master in Underwater Photography and Nitrox Diving Specialized is seen, while if seen, she has also completed Rescue Driver Training, in this way she has achieved many achievements at the age of only 12 years.

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prabhakar boregowda biography; Telugu Actor, Businessman, and Recent Marriage to Actress Sri | Wiki, Career, Personal Life

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