South film actor Prakash Raj will enter politics with BJP today at 3:00 pm?

news; South film actor Prakash Raj is seen trending a lot today because today he has got an offer from BJP to join and today at 3:00 pm he is joining BJP, who will join BJP on 4 April 2024. This is the time of elections when many parties are trying to add different people to their party.

If we talk about Prakash Raj’s acting career, then his acting career is going very well and his entry has been seen in many blockbuster films, such as his villain role in the film Singham with Ajay Devgan was liked by a lot of people and he became very famous, it is seen there.

That he was also awarded the National Film Award for best acting in 2009, due to which his fame is seen to be even better, however, the reason behind joining BJP can be seen earlier as well that he has praised BJP a couple of times and finally he is going to get a ticket from BJP,

it is possible that this time he is also fully prepared to participate in the elections. But it is not so at all, here Prakash Raj’s official Twitter has tweeted and told in a different style that maybe the BJP people could not buy me, they had tried me, in this way they have given what you guys can see in their tweet below. can see

Today on Twitter, many people were seen talking about Prakash Raj that he is joining BJP today at 3:00 pm but then in response he said that he is not rich enough to buy me. He has given the above statements by tweeting which you can see.

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Prakash Raj’s political career is going to start which will be in a very good way, and it is also seen that his three most awaited films are going to be released which will be seen in 2024, out of which he will be seen acting in Pushpa 2 with Allu Arjun, while his acting will also be seen in Vijay Deverakonda’s film Devara: Part 1 and the OG (upcoming film) film will also be released in 2024.

So, you will get to see his acting in these three best and most awaited films. His career is going so well and actively due to which he has been approached by BJP. If you look at it, BJP party is full of many actors and actresses.

Who contest elections on behalf of BJP and about 60 to 70% of actors or any popular actor have made a good place in their political career by contesting elections from BJP party, many of whom are named like Ravi Kishan Manoj Tiwari, apart from this there are many such actors who are giving great support to the BJP party.

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