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preity mukundan biography; Rising Telugu Film Actress, Age, Career, and Personal Life”

Preity Mukundan is going to talk about South film actress, although a lot of people were demanding about her biography, especially it is seen that she is seen as a big celebrity of Telugu film, let us tell you that she has worked in many films.

In which mainly his famous Kannappa is seen, in this film he has played a very good role and the film has been directed by the director Mukesh Kumar, let us tell you that he was born on 24 August 2003

And he started his acting career especially in films with Om Bheem Bush. He started his acting career, although this film of his has been released on 22 March 2024.

preity mukundan biography

NamePreity Mukundan
Date of Birth24 August 2003
Birth PlaceHyderabad, Telangana
Height5.5 ft
Weight55 kg
Zodiac SignVirgo
Marital StatusUnmarried
AddressHyderabad, Telangana

Preity Mukundan is a new Telugu actress who has recently started working in Telugu and Tamil films. Her work is very good, due to which people want to know more details about her. Let us tell you that her name is Preity Mukundan and she was born on 24 August 2003. Her birthday falls on 24 August. She was born in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Although his Zodiac sign is Virgo, he has not yet married and the beginning of his acting career is yet to be seen. If we talk about his age, he is only 21 years old as per his birth in 2003 and he has not yet married and his nationality is

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She is an Indian and her address is Hyderabad, Telangana. However, according to the reports, she belonged to a doctor’s family where her environment was very good. Whether it was her professional education or formal training before entering the acting career, her family was successful in teaching her all these things with all the responsibility.


According to the report, it is being told that Preity Mukundan was born on 24 August 2003, so according to this, in 2024, her age will be 21 years on 24 August 2024 and her current age is 21 years, as per the date of birth in 2003, let us tell you that she has stepped into the film world.

And somewhere he is also getting work in a big film which is a Telugu language film, last time the film was released in March, he did a great job in it and after that his career seems to be growing further.


Talking about the height of Preity Mukundan, her height is 5.5 feet and her weight is 55 kg, which shows that her body is very perfect where there is no problem of any kind and her glamour also looks very good. Let us tell you that she is also educated and she has completed graduation and B.Tech and then after taking training, she has also stepped into the acting career.

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As far as his career is concerned, he has started his career in the film world in 2024, but even before this, he has participated in Indian dramas many times and has also participated in many dance performances for his dance performances like hip-hop, cine folk, western, contemporary and fusion. After doing this, he is completely experienced in dancing as well, so in this way his career seems to be growing, his dance performance is very good, but later, he signed two films in 2024 itself, where finally one film was released and the other film is on the verge of release.

preity mukundan movies

Kannappa movie is the upcoming film of preity mukundan which will be released in theaters on 12th July 2024. She has gained a lot of fame from this film and apart from this, she did excellent work in the film Om Bheem Bush, where it is seen that this film of hers was released on 22nd March 2024. In this way, she has worked in only two films so far and these films are very good, where you can definitely enjoy both these films.

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