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Chandrika Dixit is a very famous girl. She is very famous by the name of Vada Pav Girl. She is famous for making Chandrika Dixit and she has gradually reached a very high level.

Let us tell you that at present she is very well known as a social media influencer, street vendor and video creator, however, a recent report has revealed that she has been selected as a contestant of Bigg Boss OTT 3.

And very soon you will be able to watch Bigg Boss OTT for free here. Let me tell you that there are a lot of famous street vendors to see, however we are going to provide you complete information about them here.


Her full name is Chandrika Dixit and people know her more by the name of Delhi’s Vada Pav Girl. Talking about her profession, she is seen as a street vendor and video creator as her main profession while she was born on 19 November.

And his birthplace was Indore, Madhya Pradesh, his nationality is Indian and his hometown is Delhi, although in some reports it was told that he was born in Indore itself, but after that his parents Devi Choti

Full NameChandrika Dixit
NicknameVada Pav Girl
Date of Birth19 November (exact year undisclosed)
AgeEstimated between 24 to 28 years
Place of BirthIndore, Madhya Pradesh, India
HometownDelhi, India
ProfessionStreet Vendor, Video Creator, Social Media Influencer
CastePandit (Brahmin)
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseYash Gera
ChildrenTwo (born in 2021)
ParentsDetails undisclosed
HeightApproximately 160 cm
Hair ColorNot specified, likely dark
Instagram FollowersOver 366,000
Instagram Posts1270
Net WorthEstimated over 2 crores INR
BusinessOperates “Mumbai’s Famous Vada Pav” near Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi
AddressNear Petrol Pump, Sainik Vihar, Delhi
Additional InfoParticipating in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3

Then they brought her to Delhi and after coming to Delhi, her parents left her at a very young age and they died and later she got married and is currently living in Delhi with her husband.

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Her religion is mainly Hinduism and her caste is Pandit and vegetarian and her marital status is that she is married and she also has children where she gave birth to children in 2021, she has two brothers.

Apart from this, many of his favorite things are also seen, which he is very active on social media these days, finally he is going to be seen in the TV show of Bigg Boss, which will be telecast from July.

chandrika dixit date of birth

Chandrika Dixit’s birthday is celebrated on 19 November. She has not yet provided any information to the public about the year in which she was born, nor is it available through any other source. Her celebration takes place on the same day on 19 November.

chandrika dixit age

Chandrika Dixit’s age is being told through some reports that her age is between 24 to 28 years, although her date of birth has not been officially made public, due to this the exact answer of her age is not known.

It is not visible but still it is being estimated by some people that it is visible between the ages of 24 to 28.

Let us tell you that in some reports, it has been told that 7 to 8 years of their marriage have been completed, where they got married at the age of about 22 to 23 years, so if we look at their age in this way, then as per 2024, they can be seen to be about 30 years old.

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chandrika  generates  dixit age wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page available about Chandrika Dixit, nor has her page been made available on Wikipedia yet, although it can be expected that her entry will be seen in OTT Season 3 Bigg Boss.

That I will get to see the Wikipedia page in the coming time. Apart from this, if we talk about information, he was born on 19 November and he was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. His parents brought him from there and came to Delhi when he was a child.

Since then she is living here and it is seen that her parents died at a very old age. Her height is around 160 cm and her hair color is also seen.

chandrika gera dixit husband name

The name of Chandrika Gera Dixit’s husband, who is famous as Delhi’s famous Vada Pav girl, is Yash Gera. She was married to him about 5 to 7 years ago. Yash plays a very important role in supporting Chandrika.

In particular, he has helped her a lot in managing her food cart business, which she has named Mumbai’s Famous Vada Pav, also known as The Authentic Vada Pav. Her cart can be seen located near Keshav Mahavidyalaya in Pitampura, Delhi. Now her husband works with her and helps her in all her work and encourages her.

chandrika gera dixit address

Talking about the address of Chandrika Gera Dixit, her original shop is located near Petrol Pump Sainik Vihar, near Keshav Mahavidyalaya College of Delhi University, after which she is gradually expanding many of her outlets in Delhi.

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So you can see that the location of their new shop is available to see inside Rani Bagh Delhi.

Let us tell you that he is very famous and gradually he has opened many new shops as well, this promotes his business even more and his being active on social media is very beneficial for him.

chandrika dixit instagram

Talking about Chandrika Dixit’s Instagram, she has more than 366000 followers on her Instagram, her following is 166, she has posted 1270 posts so far, let us tell you that she keeps posting the latest articles on her Instagram, which are the latest updates of her lifestyle and any new offering of Ashok or on some other special occasion, you will get to see her updates here.

chandrika gera dixit net worth

The total assets of Chandrika Dixit are more than 2 crores. You can see that she gets a lot of income from social media as well and she gets more than 2 crore rupees income because her shop also generates a lot of good incoming income and along with that, her Instagram account also has a huge fan following.

And a huge amount of income is seen from the YouTube channel, which is about 30 to 40 lakh rupees every month from there, apart from this, if expected, from his shop also he easily gets 4 to 5 lakh rupees every month and in this way his total revenue can be around 5 to 7 crore rupees.

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