armaan malik youtuber biography, Career, Personal Life, and Rise to Social Media Stardom

armaan malik youtuber biography, Career, Personal Life, and Rise to Social Media Stardom
armaan malik youtuber biography, Career, Personal Life, and Rise to Social Media Stardom

We get to see a very famous face of Armaan Malik’s time. For the time being, if seen, he is a very big social media influencer on YouTube, along with that he has also made his career as a fitness vlogger, although he is becoming very famous at this time. The most important thing is that he has two wives. And one wife’s name is Payal Malik,

who has just got to see her entry in Bigg Boss Season 3, due to which he has become the subject of even more discussions. Who is Armaan Malik and what does he do and what is his total assets, complete information about all these things will be provided by us, which is given to you below his biography info.


Armaan Malik is a very famous YouTuber whose real name is Sandeep and his nickname is Guddu, although on YouTube he is recognized by people by the name of Armaan Malik. He is mainly famous as a YouTuber, social media influencer and fitness blog. For now, he is mostly famous for his family, where his first wife Payal Malik is very famous on social media.

And now her entry is seen in Bigg Boss, where she also keeps discussing a lot about her husband, due to which her husband is also in the headlines. Especially if we look at Armaan Malik, he was born on 15 December 1988 on Saturday.

And his age is 36 years in 2024. He was born in Haryana and his nationality is Indian, which is the hometown of the team in Haryana, India. He has got many tattoos made on his body and apart from this, he is also a star. There are also controversies to be seen in his life, although he is completely married and he has mainly two wives

one is Payal Malik, who was married to him in 2011 and who is a YouTuber and the other is Kritika Malik, who is known as Kritika Basra or is famous as a makeup artist and YouTuber, she was married to him in 2018, although if we talk about the date of his marriage, then he was first married to Dadi in 2011 and the second marriage was with Kritika on 13 October 2018

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However, here his first wife was Sumitra, who was married in 2005 and after that his second wife was Payal Malik, who was married to him in 2011 and his third wife was Kritika Malik, who was married to him in 2018, although among the children he has, Payal Malik’s Chirayu Malik The child was born and on 6 April 2023, Zaid Malik was born, whose biological mother is Kritika Malik, while Ayan Malik was born on 26 April 2023

Whose biological mother is Payal Malik and they also have a daughter named Tuba and Malik, who was born on 26 April 2023 and his biological mother is Payal Malik, although if seen, here Kritika Malik has only one child named Zaid Malik and Payal Malik has about three to four children

Armaan Malik’s parents are not alive yet, his parents died due to cancer, his parents died, while his elder brother’s name is Kuldeep and he also has a sister, talking about his other details, he is one of the most famous social media influencers, where he has two wives and his own YouTube channel is also available to see and a huge number of followers are also available on Instagram

Real NameSandeep (Nickname: Guddu)
Popular NameArmaan Malik
Date of Birth15 December 1988
Age (2024)35 years
Place of BirthHaryana, India
ProfessionYouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Fitness Vlogger
YouTube ChannelMalik Vlogs (7.74 million subscribers)

Armaan Malik YouTuber Date of Birth

Armaan Malik was born on 15 December 1988 where his birthday is celebrated on 15 December itself. As per 2024, he has completed 36 years of age. At such a young age, he has achieved a great milestone in his career. Apart from this, his total assets are also very high. Let us tell you that his personal things will also be available to see on YouTube channel. However, he has two wives, their income is also very good and the whole family is completely successful on social media.

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Armaan Malik Family

Wife/Spouse• First Wife- Sumitra (m. 2005)
• Second Wife- Payal Malik (m. 2011-present)
• Third Wife- Kritika Malik (m. 2018-present)
ChildrenSon- Chirayu Malik (biological mother- Payal Malik)
Zaid Malik (b. 6 April 2023) (biological mother- Kritika Malik)
Ayaan Malik (b. 26 April 2023; biological mother- Payal Malik)
Daughter- Tuba Malik (b. 26 April 2023; biological mother- Payal Malik)
ParentsHis parents are no more; his mother passed away after battling cancer
SiblingsHe has an elder brother named Kuldeep, and he also has sisters

Armaan Malik’s family includes his two wives and four children and including him, there are about 7 to 8 family members available, although he has two wives where Kritika Malik has a son and Payal Malik has a daughter and two sons, in this way he has children available, although if we talk about his parents, they are no longer in this world and his mother died due to cancer, his elder brother’s name is Kuldeep and he also has a sister.

Armaan Malik Kids

Child’s NameDate of BirthBiological Mother
Chirayu MalikPayal Malik
Zaid Malik6 April 2023Kritika Malik
Ayaan Malik26 April 2023Payal Malik
Tuba Malik26 April 2023Payal Malik

Armaan Malik YouTube Channels

Armaan Malik’s YouTube channel is named Malik Vlogs, on whose YouTube channel 7.74 million subscribers are available to see. Here he provides many private blocks of his house and a new vlog every day where almost all the family’s vlogs are available to see here, here you will get to see his daily lifestyle and all the updates related to his life will also be mainly available to see on his YouTube channel.

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Armaan Malik Controversies

Social media influencer Armaan Malik has been in controversies many times. Well known Indian singer and social media personality Armaan Malik has been involved in many controversies in the last few years. Recently, his participation in the reality show Bigg Boss Season 3 has created a lot of drama.

Once, he had a spat with his fellow contestant Deepak and his wife Neeti over food distribution. The two even got into a personal fight. However, it is seen here that a big and important controversy of Armaan’s career was also seen in Kapil Sharma Show when his brother Amaal Malik was eliminated from the reality show.

Although Armaan clarified that he was out of town and Amaal had other commitments, apart from this, Armaan’s entry in Bigg Boss Season 3 with both his wives Payal and Kritika Malik has attracted a lot of attention and speculation about his personal life. However, it is seen here that in this traditional family setup, Darshan was attracted and surprised, due to which the controversy within him increased even more. He has been married to Payal Malik and there are many other controversies in his life.

Armaan Malik wife

Armaan Malik has two wives, he married Payal Malik in 2011. Before this, Armaan Malik was also married in 2005 but she is no more and he married Payal Malik in 2011. Then in October 2018, he married Kritika Malik. He told that he has three children with Payal Malik and one child with Kritika Malik. All these families together share their daily life routines on YouTube and people also like it very much, which is why their fan following is very good. Armaan Malik is an Indian influencer as well as a singer.

Armaan Malik first wife

Armaan Malik’s first wife Sumitra was married to him in 2005 and then his second wife is Payal Malik who is married to The first wife was born in 2011 and is present with him now and the third wife is Kritika Malik who is seen with him in 2018. Thus, he has been married three times and his current age is 35 years.

Armaan Malik YouTuber house address

According to some reports, it has been told that his house address is Jai Prakash Road, Aram Nagar, 7 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India but this has not been confirmed by us. We do not want to provide any information regarding any personal address. So if you trust the address given above, then you can definitely try it once.

Armaan Malik youtuber income

Armaan Malik’s YouTube channel has a huge number of subscribers, where it is expected that he earns 10 to 15 lakh rupees per month from a YouTube channel. Apart from this, he also earns a lot through advertisements and sponsors, which is a monthly income of 15 to 20 lakh rupees from his YouTube account. And according to the report, his two wives’ YouTube channels also earn about 2 lakh rupees every month, although his earnings on his Instagram and all his social media accounts remain very good.

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