Who is Jinto Bodycraft biography; Age, Career, Family, and Achievements

Everyone wants to know about Jinto Bodycraft, the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. Let us tell you that Bigg Boss is a very big TV show, in whose grand finale Jinto Bodycraft has achieved a huge victory, there is a huge amount of competition here.

And during this competition, the way he has finished this competition with his flexibility and then won the trophy and prize money of Rs. 50 lakhs in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, he is thanking God a lot for this.

And at this time, people are getting very surprised that whoever is being shown in Malayalam language of Big Boss Season 6, he has become the winner. Let us tell you that Big Boss is a very famous TV show which is available to watch in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada etc. languages.

Where different TV show sets are made and then famous actors and celebrities or influencers of the language are invited where they have to compete and debate with each other and the one who wins in it is the winner.

Who is Jinto Bodycraft

According to the report, it has been found that Jinto Bodycraft is also an actor as well as a fitness trainer. He is very famous and soon he was invited to Bigg Boss. After coming to Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, he won the trophy in the grand finale very fast and he was also given 50 lakh rupees as a reward. After this, he became very famous, although according to the report, it is seen

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Jinto Bodycraft biography

Jinto Bodycraft is known as a very famous fitness trainer and bodybuilder. His entry takes place in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 in 2024 and from here his fame increases even more. His professor is also known as a celebrity and personal trainer and former bodybuilder. Let us tell you that his real name is Jinto. His age is being told as 35 years and he was born in 1989. As of 2024, his age is 35 years. His birthplace is Kerala India and hometown is Kerala India and his nationality is Indian.

jinto bodycraft age

The age of Jinto Bodycraft is being told as 35 years, where according to the report, it is seen that if his age is being told as 35 years, then he was born in 1989 and according to 2024, his age completes 35 years, now at the age of 35, he remains very fit and is also a fitness trainer, along with this, he entered the Big Boss TV show and here he also became very famous

jinto body craft wife

Jinto was married earlier but according to filmiBeat report, he got divorced and finally, no relationship of his is seen with anyone. Let us tell you that no specific information about his wife is available in the public domain. It is completely private. However, no information has been released yet about whether he can get married in the future.

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jinto body craft wikipedia

Jinto Bodycraft was born in 1989 and by 2024 he will be 35 years old. Let us tell you that his Wikipedia page has not been made available yet, although he won Bigg Boss Season 6 in Malayalam language and he is gradually becoming very famous, where many big portals including Times of India have covered his news and published articles about him which provide many types of information.

jinto body craft family

Talking about Jinto Bodycraft’s family, his parents and a brother and a sister are seen where no information has been made available in the public domain about the names of his parents, here basically he has not shared the information.

Although you can see the photo of his parents below, his sister’s name is Jisha (younger) and no information is available about his brother, although here he has hidden many things about his family. Below you can see the photo of his sister and his parents.

jinto body craft instagram

Jinto Bodycraft’s Instagram ID is available to see, on which there are more than 138000 followers and he is also following 103 people. Let us tell you that he has posted 213 posts, where you will find mostly fitness-related posts on his Instagram. Let us tell you that his official Instagram ID is /jinto_bodycraft

jinto bodycraft movies

  • Pramod,
  • Godha,
  • Panchavarnathatha

According to Times of India in India Times, Jinto Bodycraft has mainly worked in these three films, where you can see the names of these three films in the list that he first worked in Pramukhan film and then after that Godha, his best acting is seen in the film, in this way the salary of his movies can be seen here, see, he is known for working in many TV shows and other things, but he has not done that many movies

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Jinto bodycraft net worth

Net Jinto Bodycraft’s total assets can be seen to be around 1 crore rupees. Here, nothing has been publicly announced about his total assets, but the way he has recently won 50 lakh rupees in this show and then after winning Bigg Boss, he has a lot of income source in social media influencing and then business training and other things, so this thing helps him in making a very good total assets.

Jinto Bodycraft Awards

He was also awarded for his work in a very good way, let us tell you that he received the Mother Teresa Award in 2022 and the Best Celebrity Personal Trainer Award was also given to him in 2023. He is a very good trainer who is also known for training many big celebrities and due to his training, he also received a great award in 2023.

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