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Shivani Kumari Biography, Age, salary, Net worth, Career as Social Media Influencer and Dancer, Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contestant”

Shivani Kumari is very famous as a social media influencer and dancer. She has an Instagram and YouTube channel where a lot of people like her. A lot of discussions are being seen about Shivani Kumari these days.

Because he has entered Bigg Boss Season 3, Bigg Boss Ot 3 is being premiered on Jio Cinema from 21 June 2024, due to which he has been selected as a contestant in it and he is doing a lot of listening to people, due to which many people want to get information about him, below you have been given complete information about him.


Her real name is Shivani Kumari and her nickname is Shivani. She was born on 21 January 2002 and her main profession is social media influencer and dancer. She is very famous and her profession has completely turned into her career. She is very famous due to which her entry in Bigg Boss is also seen.

His birthplace was Aaryari Village, Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh, India and his hometown is also Aaryari Village, Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh, India. If we look at the awards he has received,

He has received the YouTube Silver Play Button where he has received this award for having more than 100000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His nationality is Indian and he completed his schooling from a Government College in his village.

Although there is no information about his college, but his educational qualification is B.Com. He is a Hindu by religion and he is not married yet and many people wanted to know about him.

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Let us tell you that her total assets are around Rs 1 crore. She has completely turned her profession into a passion and today she has reached a very big position.

Full NameShivani Kumari
Date of BirthJanuary 21, 2002
Age (2024)22 years
BirthplaceAaryari Village, Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh, India
ProfessionSocial media influencer, dancer
Main PlatformsInstagram, YouTube
YouTube AchievementsSilver Play Button (for surpassing 100,000 subscribers)
Educational QualificationB.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
Income (Monthly)$5,000 to $78,000 (from Instagram, YouTube, ads, and brand endorsements)
Net WorthApproximately ₹1 crore
Bigg Boss ParticipationContestant on Bigg Boss OTT Season 3
Personal LifeSingle
Social Media FollowersInstagram: Over 4 million followers
Special MentionBelongs to a Kushwaha family and has expressed admiration for Baba Ambedkar
Early CareerRose to fame with viral videos on social media
Career HighlightsKnown for dance videos and vlogs
Upcoming AppearanceParticipating in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, premiering June 21, 2024

shivani kumari age

Shivani Kumari has completed 23 years as per age b2024. She was born in 2002 and by the end of 2024, her age will complete 23 years, although her age is not as much as the success she has achieved. She is very famous as a social media influencer who belongs to a village and today her entry in Bigg Boss has been seen.

shivani kumari date of birth

Shivani Kumari was born on 21 January 2002 and thus in 2024, she will complete 22 years of age. Currently, she is 22 years old and according to the report, many people believe that her birthday falls in September but this is not so. According to the recent report, it has been told that her birthday date is on 21 January 2002.

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what is the cast of shivani kumari

Shivani Kumari’s caste is Kushwaha, she belongs to a Kushwaha family in her village and is a Hindu and also believes a lot in Baba Ambedkar, which is seen in her video on Instagram where she made a video in front of Baba Ambedkar Saheb on his birth anniversary.

shivani kumari income per month

Shivani Kumari’s monthly income ranges from $5000 to $78000 because she has a huge number of followers on her Instagram where she has more than 4 million followers on Instagram and a huge number of subscribers are seen on her YouTube channel and apart from this, there are her advertising, brand investing and any other methods due to which her income is generated in a very large amount.

shivani kumari salary

Shivani Kumari is a social media influencer and dancer whose dance is only seen on social media and apart from this she also makes vlogs of her home, so her monthly income is not fixed, which comes from her YouTube channel and Instagram, where according to the report, it can be seen that her monthly income ranges from $5000 to $78000.

shivani kumari net worth in rupees

Monthly Income$4.9K – $78.1K
Annual Income$58.6K – $937.2K
Net Worth$125,600.50
Net Worth in RupeesINR 1 Crore

Here his total assets are seen to be around one crore, where he is being praised a lot for his social media and his talent in making his wealth, which he worked very hard to reach this point and due to his passion and talent, today his total assets are so high that he belonged to a very poor family in the beginning, but today it has been 5 to 6 years since he has been working on Instagram and YouTube, which has made him very famous today.

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shivani kumari photo

shivani kumari wikipedia

Shivani Kumari has been available on social media for a long time. Her first video which went viral was in which she had gone to the city to buy slippers and when she brought the slippers, she was making a video and she blurted out, “Hello friend”, which means, friend came out instead of friend and after that, her video went viral and remains viral for many days.

She became a star and if we look at the present time, she has more than 4 million followers on her Instagram and a huge number of subscribers are also available on her YouTube channel, due to which she has become even more famous as a social media influencer and also makes dance videos. Her age is said to be 22 years as per 2024, which means she was born on 21 January 2002.

shivani kumari youtuber salary

Shivani Kumari’s YouTube salary is around 10 to 15 lakh rupees per month because she has a huge number of subscribers on YouTube, which is about to complete 2.5 million subscribers, in this way her subscriber base is

And according to the type of views they get on their videos, their income is generated in a very high amount. Also, their YouTube Adsense earnings are also available to see this much. Apart from this, if we look at their advertisements and branding on YouTube, then their income increases even more.

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