Samay Raina biography; Age, Net Worth, Family, Career, and More

We are going to talk about Samay Raina who has made a huge career in stand up comedy and apart from being a YouTuber, he also plays a very good role in comedy, however, he has become very famous due to his daughter-in-law’s statue.

And finally it is seen that because of this many people want to get more details about him, let us tell you that in stand up comedy, people listen to the comedy standing and they laugh a lot, this thing was also seen on his YouTube, especially since 2017, he became very active on YouTube and all these fields with great speed.


Samay Raina’s nickname is Rishabh. He was born on 26 October 1997. According to 2024, he completes 26 years of age. His nationality is Indian and his career is mainly in YouTube, stand-up comedy and sports. He has a great interest in many things and his career is also very good in this.

Let us tell you that his comedian YouTube channel is available to watch. If we talk about his fame, then he has become very famous due to his comedy and Chess streamer. Finally, he was born in Jammu, India.

And he completed his schooling from Ramadevi Public School and Hyderabad Public School, while talking about college, he also completed engineering through Pune Vidyarthi Griha College of Engineering and Technology, although he is also an expert in printing engineering, which shows his talent to be very good.

Full NameSamay Raina
Date of Birth26 October 1997
Age (as of 2024)26 years
Place of BirthJammu, India
ProfessionYouTuber, Stand-up Comedian, Chess Streamer, Printing Engineer
EducationSchooling: Ramadevi Public School, Hyderabad Public School
College: Pune Vidyarthi Griha College of Engineering and Technology
SpecializationPrinting Engineering
Career StartBecame very active in 2017
Notable WorksStand-up comedy, YouTube channel, Chess streaming
Net WorthApproximately $16.5 million
ParentsFather: Rajesh Raina, a generalist in Doordarshan and Broadcasting
Mother: Sweetie Raina
Known Collaborations– Sahiba Bali: Actress and content creator
– Tania Sachdev: Chess-related content collaboration
Relationship StatusNo confirmed romantic relationships; speculated connections with Sahiba Bali and Tania Sachdev
Social Media and FameKnown for his comedy, chess streaming, and YouTube presence
Other InterestsSports, printing engineering

samay raina date of birth

Samay Raina was born on 26 October 1997, his age is 26 years 7 months as per 2024, finally it is seen in June that Samay Raina has spent a lot of time in his training and other things after his birth, he has been seen to be much more active in his field and career since 2017, till then he has completed his studies and other things.

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samay raina net worth

Samay Raina’s net worth is around $16.5 million, where his career has contributed a lot in making his net worth, in which his YouTube channel and printing engineering to stand-up comedy and his favorite sport also play a very important role, after working very hard, he has made his net worth through all these additional sources.

samay raina and sahiba bali relationship

If we look at the relationship between Samay Raina and Sahib Wali, they have often been seen collaborating with each other on various projects, including a video for Zomato.

Although there is no confirmed romantic relationship between them yet and the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship is not confirmed at all, they are often seen maintaining a professional and friendly rapport with each other.

That they collaborate with each other to create content for various platforms where from time to time one percent stand up comedian and chess streamer has kept his personal life very private

If we look at her, Sahibwali is an actress and content creator. There is no official statement about their romantic relationship in public, but the coordination between these two is quite high.

same rain parents

Samay Raina’s mother’s name is Sweeti Raina and his father’s name is Rajesh Raina. His parents play a very important role in advancing his career. However, it is seen that he also belonged to a very small family earlier, but at present, his career has progressed a lot.

And finally we get to see that his parents have a good hand in supporting his training and career, his father was a generalist, many types of work have been done by his father in Doordarshan and Broadcasting and his mother also used to work, in this way his family background was already very active.

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samay raina relationship

There is no specific information available about Samay Raina’s relationship, but some people say that he is in a relationship with an actress and content creator Sahib Bali, but no official confirmation has been found about it yet. Publicly, he has kept his personal life very private. It can be seen that due to his content creation work and many other types of work, he has maintained a very good rapport with Sahib, where some reports say that both of them are just friends.

samay raina family

FatherRajesh Raina
MotherSweetie Line

same rain siblings

There is no information available about Samay Raina’s siblings, but he has no siblings. He is the only son of his father. He is very famous and his career is also very good.

samay raina gf tania

If we talk about the relationship between Samay Raina and Tania Sachdev, then many people are speculating a lot about their relationship, but there is nothing like that. Neither of them has officially confirmed the status of their relationship. Both of them have shared a very close business relationship with each other.

As of now, the two are frequently seen together in various chess-related content, including live streams and tournaments. These interactions have sparked rumors of a possible romantic involvement. Though nothing concrete has been seen, these two are just speculations. No official statement has been released to confirm whether these two are each other’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

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