Pradeep K Vijayan cause of death; Tamil Actor, Found Dead at 39: Heart Attack Suspected as Cause

News of the death of famous Tamil actor Pradeep K Vijayan is coming to light. Let us tell you that recently on June 12, Pradeep K Vijayan was found dead in his house where his friends were trying to contact him for the last few days but he was not picking up their calls at all.

And then when his friends went to his house, they saw that the door was closed and when they knocked on the door, there was no response. Then they directly contacted the police. And when the police came and opened the door, they found out that he had died and had a head injury too.

Although Pradeep was a very good actor who did a great job in Tamil films, his acting career started in 2013 and he died at the age of 39.

cause of death

Talking about the cause of death of Pradeep K Vijayan, the cause of death that has come out here is that he was having a lot of trouble breathing two days ago and he also had breathing problems, although it is seen

The cause of his death is being told to be a heart attack and the cause is heart attack, however when the police opened the door of his house, they found him dead and it is being told that the police have sent his body to the government hospital for postmortem.

And the cause of his death is being investigated, however, it is being said that he had a severe head injury as well, due to which he had trouble breathing for 2 days and hence, he had a heart attack and the cause of death is being told to be due to the heart attack.

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He started his career in 2013 where he first started acting in 2013 with films like ‘Thegidi’ and ‘Hey Sinamika’ etc. It is especially seen that he has also worked in many big films, although he has also worked in his Rudran film

Lawrence has been seen in the wedding, his upcoming film with Vijay Sethupathi, his acting is also seen in the film Maharaja, which is coming in theaters today on 14 June 2024, which you can see, this will be his last and final film

about Pradeep K Vijayan

His full name is Pradeep K Vijayan and his age is said to be 45 years. He was born in 1975. He was famous for his acting and he was not married yet. He lived alone. He had no wife or children and no information is available about his father, mother or brother. He had completed his education as a graduate and his main language is Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, where he mainly resided permanently.

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