Munjya day 5 box office collection; Impressive 27.4 Crores in 5 Days; Twitter Buzzing with Praise!”

The box office collection data of Munjya movie till the fifth day has been officially released, where a lot of discussions are seen about it on Twitter as well. The film is very good because the film was released on 7 June 2024 and the film has made a box office collection of 27.4 crores on India Net Collection.

While the film was made with a budget of Rs 30 crore, however, here it has been revealed through the report that the worldwide box office collection of the film is Rs 34.25 crore.

Munjya day 5 box office collection

DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1₹ 4 Cr
Day 2 ₹ 7.25 Cr81.25%
Day 3₹ 8 Cr10.34%
Day 4 ₹ 4 Cr-50.00%
Day 5₹ 4.15 Cr3.75%
Total₹ 27.4 Cr

Munjya movie’s fifth day India net collection shows an earning of 4.15 crores where the total box office collection is 27.4 crores. If seen, the film had earned 4 crores in the opening day collection and on the second day, a box office collection of 7.25 crores was seen.

If seen in this way, as compared to the first day collection of the film, there was an increase of 81% in the collection on the second day and on the third day, Sunday, the film earned 8 crores rupees. The film is a very good horror comedy film which you people can definitely watch.

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Worldwide Collection

Collection TypeAmount (in Crores)
India Net Collection₹ 27.40 Cr
Worldwide Collection₹ 34.25 Cr
Overseas Collection₹ 2.00 Cr
India Gross Collection₹ 32.25 Cr

Munjya movie has earned 34.5 crores in its world wide box office collection and 27.40 crores have been earned on India net collection whereas 2 crores have been earned outside India and 32.5 crores have been earned on India gross box office collection. The official data of the box office collection of this film is available only for 5 days and the collection of the film is still going on where the earnings of the film are also quite strong.

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