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Maharaj netflix real story; based on true story?

Maharaj movie has been released on Netflix on 14 June 2024. This movie is very controversial to watch in India because it is a movie based on a true incident. Let us tell you that this movie has been made under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

And the film is very good in which you also get to see excellent acting by Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan. The film is very good and it is directed by Siddharth P. Malhotra.

A lot of people were very excited to see this movie, however, this movie was made on the basis of a true incident in 1862 which was done by Hindu organizations to hurt religious sentiments.

Maharaj netflix real story

The Netflix film “Maharaj” is based on the true story of the Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, a significant legal battle in colonial India. The film tells the story of Karsandas Mulji, a journalist and social reformer who exposed the alleged sexual misconduct of a religious leader, Jadunathji Brijratanji Maharaj, through his writings.

Karsandas Mulji published an article in 1861 that accused the Maharaj of engaging in immoral behavior with female devotees, which led to a libel lawsuit filed by the Maharaj. This case drew immense public interest and was one of the most sensational trials of its time. The trial, held in Bombay, saw numerous witnesses testify, including women who claimed to have been exploited by the Maharaj. Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Mulji, establishing a landmark victory for press freedom and social reform in India

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The film, starring Junaid Khan in his debut role, aims to bring this historical event to life, highlighting the clash between traditional religious practices and the push for modern social ethics during the British colonial era. Despite legal challenges and a temporary stay by the Gujarat High Court, the film has garnered significant attention and anticipation

Why was the Maharaj movie blocked from releasing on Netflix

According to Hindustan Times, Maharaj movie was going to be released on Netflix on June 14, 2024, but some big businessmen here had filed a petition in the court against this film, due to which this film was stopped from being released.

But finally the court ordered the release of this film by 21 June 2024 and the film was released but the people who had filed the petition believed that the sentiments of the people of Vaishno and Hindu religion would be hurt here.

Due to this, the film was stopped from being released but when the film was thoroughly inspected, although the film is based on all these things, but this film was based on a true incident due to which the court allowed its release.

Maharaj netflix 2024 movie details

Maharaj movie 2024 has been released in theaters on 21 June 2024, while the official date for it was to be released on 14 June 2024. Let us tell you that the film Sarita has been released on the platform Netflix. The film has been directed by its director Siddharth P. Malhotra.

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And this film has been produced by the production company of Yash Raj Films. In the main star cast of the film, you will see Junaid Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat and Shalini Pandey acting and you get to see excellent acting by Sarvari.

The film is very good, which is based on a case of 1862. This is a type of historical drama film which is mainly available in English and Hindi languages.

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