kalki 2898 ad age limit/rating and Regional Censor Details”

Kalki 2898 ad movie has finally been released in the cinema house which is a thriller film to watch. This film is very awesome in which you get to see a lot of action. In this you get to see many big actors including Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.

Because of which this film is going to give you a very good experience but the biggest question is whether you can show this film to your children or not because children are sensitive and if these films are shown to them then it will have a huge impact on their mental state.

kalki 2898 ad age limit

Indian Censor Board has provided Unrestricted Adult Certificate to watch Kalki 2898 ad movie, which means that if your child is below 12 years of age or anyone below 12 years of age can go to watch this movie with their guardian or with an adult, for people of 12 years of age and below alone or

The film will not be allowed in which many sensitive things can be seen, however this film is an action thriller film and if you are above 12 years of age, then you can go to see this film alone, there is no restriction in this, however in Prabhas’s film you will not find any abusive language and many other such activities due to which the film is restricted.

kalki 2898 ad rating

If we talk about the rating of Kalki 2898 ad movie, then the rating of this movie is 4.8 out of 5 on Google, which is quite high. For the time being, if we see, then many people were eager to see this movie as well. If your child is below 12 years or below 16 years, then you should try that when you take him to watch this movie, try to stay with him, that is, if children below 12 years go to watch the movie, then it is necessary to have an adult with them.

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Kalki 2898 ad age limit rating in india

There is going to be different age limits for Kalki 2898 ad movie because the censor board here in India has passed the movie and has given it age restricted adult status. If an adult is with you, then anyone can easily sit and watch this movie. There is no restriction of any kind in this. So if you are from India and want to watch the movie, then you should go with your parents or if the parents want to show the movie to their children, then you can go and sit with them and enjoy this movie.

Kalki 2898 ad age limit rating telugu

Kalki 2898 ad movie has been released in multiple languages ​​where you can see this film mainly in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages. Apart from this, this film has also been released worldwide, so it is also available to watch in different languages.

Unrestricted Adult Certificate has been provided to watch the film in Telugu language as well. If you want to watch the film in Telugu language, you can go to watch the film with an adult or your guardian, there will be no restriction in this, but if you are below 12 years of age and go to watch the film alone, then it may be restricted for you.

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