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indian 2 villain; Release Date, Cast, and More

Indian 2 movie is being released in theaters on 12th July 2024. The film is very good but this film is an action thriller film which many people were eager to see, although in this you are going to get to see violence in a very good way.

For the time being, the villains that are seen in this film, today there are 7 villains to see, by whom you get to see very good acting, in which you get to see Gulshan Grover and Jaiprakash S. J. Suryah and many others.

Very good acting has been done by all the people in it. For the time being, the character of the villain that is seen here, we get to see a lot of us, which many people wanted to get information about the villain of this film, which is given below.

Indian 2 villain name

In “Indian 2,” Kamal Haasan reprises his role as the vigilante Senapathy, facing multiple villains throughout the film. The key antagonists include:

  1. S. J. Suryah as Sakala Kala Vallavan – S. J. Suryah plays a significant antagonist role, bringing his well-known intensity to the character.
  2. Bobby Simha as Pramod – Another major villain, Bobby Simha’s character is expected to add depth and complexity to the antagonist’s lineup.
  3. Gulshan Grover as Amit Agarwal – Known for his roles as a villain in various Bollywood films, Grover’s presence adds a notable element to the film.
  4. Samuthirakani – He is one of the pivotal antagonists, contributing his robust acting skills to the role.
  5. Jayaprakash – Another seasoned actor playing a negative role in the movie.
  6. Guru Somasundaram – Known for his versatile acting, he joins the ensemble as an antagonist.
  7. Marimuthu – He rounds out the team of villains with his strong screen presence.
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Additionally, Telugu comedian Vennila Kishore is also reported to play a negative role, showing his versatility beyond his usual comedic performances​

Indian 2 villain list

  1. S. J. Suryah
  2. Samuthirakani
  3. Bobby Simha
  4. Gulshan Grover
  5. Jayaprakash
  6. Marimuthu
  7. Guru Somasundara

Indian 2 release date

Indian 2 movie will be released in theaters on 12 July 2024, whose advance booking has started from 8 July 2024 and their advance booking is very good to see, more than 2 crore advance booking of the film has been completed

The film’s earnings for the first day are very good, people are able to do advance booking and many people were very eager to watch the first show because Kamal Haasan’s acting is seen in it, due to which people are also liking to watch this film very much

  • Indian 2 heroine name
  • Kajal Aggarwal
  • Rakul Preet Singh
  • Priya Bhavani Shankar

Indian 2 trailer

Indian 2 main villain name

The villain character in Indian 2 movie is Sakala Kala Vallavan, whose acting is very good to see in the film, whose character is played by S. J. Surya plays one of the main antagonists

Against whom Kamal Haasan’s character Senapati is seen fighting throughout the film, however, this film is very good to watch and some of its spoilers are available to watch on the internet at the moment, the film will be available to watch in theaters on 12 July 2024

Indian 2 budget

According to the News 18 report, the film has been prepared by investing Rs 250 crore in the budget of Indian 2 movie, where so much money has been invested in this film by producer A. Subaskaran, which is seen to be a very heavy expense in the film

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Because this film is a type of excellent action thriller film, due to which many main star cast have been involved in it and in which Bollywood and some Tamil language actors have also been included, due to which this film is going to attract people even more towards itself, whose earnings will be excellent from the initial level itself.

Written by Rama Shanker

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